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We support the culture sector by offering tools that empower museum, exhibition, and art gallery organizers to enhance the visitor experience and glean valuable insights from their interactions.

In ITSOFT we help the industry by providing tools to improve the quality of the experience of visitors to museums, art galleries and exhibitions.
Culture - Implement interactive maps and customised routes

Implement interactive maps and personalized routes

Culture - Provides multilingual audio guides on smartphones

Offers multilingual audio guides on smartphones

Culture - Control capacity and collect statistical information

Manages occupancy and obtains statistical information

Culture - Facilitates access to profiles with reduced mobility

Facilitate visits for individuals with reduced mobility profiles

Culture - Provides geopositioned multimedia content

Provides geopositioned multimedia content

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Points of interest management

Locate points of interest such as restrooms, stairs, or exclusive areas using interactive maps

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Mobility profiles

Provide interactive maps and directions tailored to mobility profiles.

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Indoor location and navigation

Detailed floor plans and navigation instructions inside and outside the building, available in audio, text, and image formats

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Communication channel

Push communication to users based on established parameters such as proximity, events, access to specific areas, and more

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Statistical information on visits

Statistical information about visits: dwell time in spaces, schedules, movement frequencies, areas of interest, among many others

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Capacity control and statistics

Capacity control through heat maps

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Multimedia content

Offer visitors extra content to enhance their visits, such as images, audio, videos, augmented reality and more

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Audio guides always up to date

Content configuration for audio guides in multiple languages from the web portal

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Wi-Fi network usage monitoring

Monitoring of session duration, data consumed and connected devices

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Wi-Fi network management

Manage user access to the network, customise home screens and monitor network usage in your museum or gallery

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Wi-Fi networks in any environment

A simple solution for creating and managing custom Wi-Fi networks, whether free or paid, with access control

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Provides multilingual audio guides, location-based multimedia content and interactive maps on mobile devices. We also use augmented reality and artificial intelligence algorithms for immersive experiences and visitor analytics.

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Smart Portal

Smart Portal

Satisfy the Wi-Fi connectivity demands of visitors and employees. Manage access, customize the home screen with your museum's image and monitor network usage.

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