ITSOFT and Sebka Technology impulse EVERPATHS

02 February 2021

In an interesting turn towards the future of technology and culture, ITSOFT is proud to announce its collaboration with Sebka Technology (PAST VIEW), an international pioneer in the creation of virtual reality guided tours.

Together, we are poised to transform the way we experience the richness of our cultural heritage with the Everpaths platform.

The future of cultural experiences

Everpaths, our innovative indoor and outdoor location and navigation solution, is designed to deliver exceptional cultural experiences in museums, palaces and historic monuments, all through visitors’ smartphones. This cutting-edge platform uses a variety of technologies, such as geolocation, guidance, multimedia content and augmented reality, to immerse visitors in a unique experience.

Sebka Technology: an ideal partner

Sebka Technology’s expertise in content creation and 3D modelling is a perfect complement to the Everpaths platform. Joining forces will enable Everpaths users to enjoy enriching and exciting cultural tours like never before.

The collaboration not only promises to enrich our cultural experiences, but also to bring us closer to the past. Museums and historical monuments will be able to bring their exhibits to life in ways that were previously unthinkable. Visitors will be able to explore past eras, interact with historical figures and immerse themselves in rich and engaging narratives, all from the comfort of their mobile devices.

The future of culture and technology

This collaboration between ITSOFT and Sebka Technology represents a unique synergy between creativity and technology. Together, they are poised to change the way we experience and understand history and culture. This partnership promises to take people to a whole new level of appreciation of cultural heritage.

Stay tuned for more to come on this partnership, as it promises to transform the way we experience and appreciate the richness of our cultural heritage. We are excited about the journey ahead at the intersection of culture and technology, and hope you will join us on this exciting adventure.

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